Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thrilla: There is Nowhere To Go But UP!

Keiran Chase aka “Thrilla” is a Bahamian rapper that has gained the respect of many within the Bahamian music industry. The nineteen year old rapper was always interested in rap music but never took it seriously until the 9th grade at Saint Augustine’s College. Even then, at the age of fifteen, he didn’t have the courage to actually pursue a music career. However, all that changed in late 2008, where Thrilla vowed to live life without regret and “jumped wholesale” into the unpredictable, cut-throat yet also rewarding music industry vowing to make a name for himself.

As one of the founding members of B.A.S.S., Thrilla’s loyalty is rock solid and uncompromising to the BASS vision and its goals. On numerous occasions, his work ethic and organisation skills has been deemed by other BASS members as being very “Diddy-like”. You can say many things about Diddy, but you can never say that Sean Combs doesn’t get things done. With a drive this strong, it will be hard pressed for BASS to lack focus in the days ahead. For Thrilla, BASS is much more than a group or a music clique, but rather an example to the Bahamian people that Bahamians can work together in a cohesive unit. This viewpoint crosses touches on all aspects of Bahamian society and challenges the “foreign is better” mentality of many Bahamians.

When it comes to Thrilla’s music, it is indeed true that the pen is mightier than the sword. His music artfully dodges the mundane and hackneyed of the music world that is sadly becoming the norm. It’s as if, he searches under every crook and cranny of his vast imagination linking the unlinkable in hopes to bring light to a particular issue. He maintains also, his uniqueness as a rapper in that his combination of experiences are like no other and he manages to implement his life experiences into his music. “No one can live my life but me”, he assuringly “and that’s what I offer to my audience”.

Don’t expect to see Thrilla to slow down anytime soon. His current state of mind is making it to the top and he believes wholeheartedly that his hard work will pay off. With his BASS comrades fully supporting his efforts into the rap game, there is nothing stopping Thrilla from getting to “The Top”.

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