Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Invented Sex" - Trey Songz Ft. Drake

Trey Songz released another song with his new BFF, Canadian actor-turned-rapper Drake. I do think it is a good song and it's been getting constant repeats on my iTouch. However, my big gripe is that Trey Songz is taking too damn long to come out with a sensible single for his third LP, Ready. In my humble opinion, all of his singles have been lacklustre at best. I understand that it's extremely hard to come out with music after having such a masterpiece as TREY DAY (that album was the bizness).

Then again, why should I be worried. He doesn't seem worried at all. Every day there's another Trey Songz song that has nothing to do with his new album. I'm not going to hold my breath (yet day by day I'm beginning to lose interest). Get back to work Trey!


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